Drinking & Tweeting YouTube Series

  • Big Dick Energy with Anish Rama

    • Date:

    Brandi chats with Family Karama's Anish Rama! Together they bond over men being children, having a family at your own pace ...

  • Brandi Reacts w/ Kalen Allen

    • Date:

    Brandi chats with Kalen Allen. How he went from YouTube watching cooking videos to being on Ellen to now co-hosting a podcast ...

  • OG of the Sea with Kate Chastain

    • Date:

    Brandi chats with Kate Chastain of Bravo's Below Deck. Together they talk about shared experiences with Twitter, Mean Girl ...

  • “BravoCon”

    • Date:

    Brandi and Ryan chat about last weekened at BravoCon! Who was Brandi most excited to see? This Episode is brought you by: ...

  • Break Out the Lube w/ Felicia Hershenhorn

    • Date:

    Let's talk about sex baby! Sex AND sexual wellness. Tune in to hear me chat with Felicia, CEO & Founder behind the new intimate ...

  • The Classiest Reunion w/ Caroline Stanbury

    • Date:

    Tune in to hear us talk all things Dubai! This was also recorded before BravoCon, so listen in to hear what we were most excited ...

  • Housekeeping with Lucke Gulbranson

    • Date:

    I do watch Summer and Winter house on @bravotv, so I was definitely excited to get to talk to Luke and share my opinion on ...

  • Playing Cupid with Micheal Kaye

    • Date:

    Build your profile with Brandi and Micheal Kaye. Learn from Okcupids Global Head of Communications about dating red flags, ...

  • #Unfiltered with Jessamyn

    • Date:

    Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher and body positivity advocate and writer. Tune in to hear us chat about her experience in the ...

  • Ok Dylan w/ Dylan Hafer

    • Date:

    Brandi chats with Dylan host of the Bravo by Betches. They dive into all things housewives!!

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