Drinking & Tweeting YouTube Series

  • Black and White Conversations - Ep 2 - Stereotypes

    • Date:

    Brandi, Lucas and Hanan discuss stereotypes and interracial dating. Subscribe to the podcast too! www.strawhutmedia.com/blackwhiteconvo.

  • Black and White Convo - Ep001

    • Date:

    A new podcast that aims to help keep the conversation going for all people.

  • Drinking & Tweeting ~ Episode 5

    • Date:

    I watched #BlackSwan over the weekend and got inspired, so here it is..My ode to Mila Kunis #DrinkingAndTweeting #RealityTVRoundup *Intro and Outro ...

  • Drinking & Tweeting ~ Episode 4

    • Date:

    Hey everyone! I'm a little injured at the moment with a cracked rib, so if you see me reaching for my side..that's the reason ☹️ Anyway..on today's episode I'll ...

  • Drinking & Tweeting ~ Episode 3

    • Date:

    We're BACK and we've got a lot to discuss! We're talking housewives, upcoming projects, taking your questions and I'll of course be addressing a certain TINY ...

  • Drinking & Tweeting ~ Episode 2

    • Date:

    In today's episode of #DrinkingAndTweeting we're talking #HOUSEWIVES #BIGBROTHER and so much more! *DISCLAIMER* All things said in this video are ...

  • Drinking & Tweeting ~ Episode 1

    • Date:

    First video, still working out the kinks..but excited for this new journey in the YouTube world! XoXo.